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Currently, MyKetoPal offers four different weekly menu plans.
  • Easy keto (great for beginners), 
  • Americana (great for American home-style diner food lovers), 
  • Mediterranean (great for folks who are combating chronic illness). 
  • Comfort keto (great for comfort food lovers). 

In early 2019, we will be rolling out following plans
  • Asian keto
  • Keto Italiano
  • Keto Mexicano
  • Vegetarian menu
  • Crockpot menu
  • Air fryer menu
  • Holiday menu
  • Snacks/desserts/breads menu

Each of your 7-day meal plan package comes with...

1. All recipe cards listed in the weekly meal plan (sample recipe card below)
2. Lunch recipes which can be prepped and refrigerated in advance for the whole week as to-go meals are clearly marked on the recipe cards,
3. Detailed prep/cooking instructions for each recipe - sample prep/cooking instructions attached
4. Consolidated shopping list for the whole weekly meal plan
5. Think keto is expensive? Guess again. We have researched and located where to get your high quality keto groceries for less. Just let us know where you live.

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