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There’s More to Diet Than Salad!

The fat-burning foods that will help us lose weight and heal   In order to lose weight and heal, we need to stay away from foods which have little or no nutritional value (empty calories) and consume more nutrient rich foods. The more nutrient rich foods we eat, the slimmer we shall get.

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A Word from the Co-founder

Dear visitors, future subscribers and members. Welcome to MyKetoPal website. This website is a simple road map to get well. It contains information about my personal experiences with obesity, PCOS, hormone imbalance, pre-diabetes and most likely candidate for cancer. I am a self taught chef, publicist and

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The Pharmaceutical and Junk Food Industries

Why is the Pharmaceutical Industry in Bed with the Junk Food Industry?   I truly and wholeheartedly believe that junk foods are created to keep us all addicted and sick. I researched who is on the board of some very popular junk food brands and I was SHOCKED

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Deadly Dangerous Statins

Statins Raise Death Risk Astronomically After Heart Attacks   Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs are prescribed for millions of Americans to lower cholesterol, which health experts say causes heart attack and stroke. But other experts have questioned the value of the drugs, and have said they have an overall

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The True Cause of Chronic Health Problems …

Obesity, type II diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, PCOS, Hypothyroidism, … The true reason for all these and many more chronic health conditions is the consumption of high amounts of carbohydrates and sugar, and radically reduced amount of fat; the Standard American Diet (SAD). In

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Fruits, Vegetables and Our Health

What is the role of fruits and vegetables in Ketogenic Diet?   We all know that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables has a variety of health benefits. Several studies published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition state that the higher the consumption of fruit and vegetables the

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How To Avoid Overeating?

Strategies to avoid overeating   While calories are not the whole picture, it has long been shown that moderate calorie restriction is a way to slow the aging process. Here are some strategies to avoid overeating:   We will always pay honest attention to what, when, and

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Sugar in Disguise on Nutrition Facts Labels

Sugar disguising synonyms on Nutrition Facts labels   There are many different names for sugar. Two common ways the food manufacturers use to disguise sugar on food labels is to use a long, scientific sounding word or to rename the sugar altogether. One of the easiest ways

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Avoid Processed Foods

Some facts about processed foods. The Standard American Diet (SAD) severely lacks nutrients due to the processed foods it includes. While lacking nutrients, to make matters worse, most processed foods contain … artificial colors, additives, flavorings, and chemically altered trans-fats, and sweeteners. Many of the claims on processed food packaging labels are

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Your Brain On Ketones

How a high-fat diet can help the brain work better   The modern prescription of high carbohydrate, low fat diets (Standard American Diet – SAD), and eating snacks between meals has coincided with an increase in obesity, diabetes, and and increase in the incidence of many mental health

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