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Monthly archive for October 2016

Ironman Legend Dave Scott Shares His Nutrition Tips; and yes, they are ketogenic!

The six-time Kona champ adheres to a ketogenic diet, which is high in healthy fats, and low in simple carbohydrates. Scott breaks it down like this: About 60 percent of what he eats consists of omega-rich, good fats (seeds, nuts, olives, coconut oil, cold-water fish), 20–25 percent

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Low-calorie ketogenic diet beats dietary restriction for treating type 2 diabetes

A new intervention study, comparing two weight loss approaches in diabetes management, has found that following a ketogenic diet rather than a conventional low-calorie diet was more effective in improving body composition and clinical health markers. The findings, published this week online in the journal Nutrition and Diabetes,

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Scientists believe a low-carb, high-fat diet can help your splitting migraines

Migraines are a painful and widespread problem. They afflict an estimated 1 billion people worldwide, including about 38 million in the US alone. There are all sorts of purported remedies for them, but a team of scientists in Italy has identified what it believes could be a

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A closer look at the low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet

There’s been a lot of interest in the ketogenic diet over the past five years. Prominent celebrities have tried it, including basketball superstar LeBron James, who was on the diet for 67 days in 2014 and lost 9 kilograms, his 6-foot 7-inch frame emerging a whole lot

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High-Fat Ketogenic Diet: Researchers Re-examine Its Puzzling Health Impact; Is It Safe or Not?

The ketogenic diet has been trending for the past three years because of the theory that fat can help one lose weight. Nonetheless, some experts say that weight loss through this diet is not healthy nor can last for a long time. High-fat ketogenic diet has been

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Lifting weights could make you more intelligent, study suggests

Regularly lifting weights could make you more intelligent, a new study of people with the early signs of dementia suggests. A group of people aged 55 to 86 with ‘mild cognitive impairment’ – a precursor of Alzheimer’s disease – were asked to carry out a mix of

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Target: Blood Sugar Health

Published in WholeFoods Magazine November 2016 … Did you know that more than 29 million Americans have diabetes (1)? That’s more than 9% of the total population. The numbers climb every year with approximately 1.4 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes every year (1). With numbers like these,

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MyKetoPal’s Official Recipe Library is Here!

Hello friends, I’m a passionate ketogenic chef who embraces great food. While developing my ketogenic dietitian skills every day, I am also a geri-fit instructor in the making (exercise for elderly). I believe in the principle of "less is more," simplicity. You will see that I applyRead more

The Blatant Lies Big Sugar Tells to Keep You Coming Back for More

At the risk of sounding dramatic, sugar has become 2016’s tobacco: It’s terribly unhealthy for you, is widely available to kids, and is probably abused by ad agency executives. Sure, it may not be physically addictive, but unlike tobacco, it actually tastes good, which keeps people coming back

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