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Vegetables Oils Are No Alternative for Animal Fats!

Are vegetables oils “healthy” replacement for natural butter and animal fats?


As the proponents of the diet-heart hypothesis told the world not to eat animal fats, they had to replace them with something. So, they proposed to eat vegetables oils such as corn oil, soy oil, canola oil (a.k.a. rapeseed oil), peanut oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, etc. and the solid fats made out of these oils: margarine and shortenings.

These oils and solid fats are highly profitable and have been vigorously promoted by the food industry for decades now as a “healthy” replacement for natural butter and animal fats. And yet from the beginning of this promotion campaign, study after study has shown that vegetable oils are dangerously toxic for humans.


KETO Trans-FatsThe first facts discovered were that these oils …

  • damage our immune system,
  • cause inflammation,
  • heart disease,
  • diabetes,
  • cancer, and
  • accelerate ageing.

Animals fed with these oils often develop brain damage, testicular abnormalities and infertility. Premature children fed a formula rich in these fats develop anemia, edema, damage to blood cells and lack of vitamin E.


One particular group of these chemically changed fatty acids, called trans fats, is receiving quite a lot of attention nowadays. 

Trans fats have been found to have a direct damaging effect on our …

  • KETO Trans-Fats 2cardiovascular system,
    • heart disease,
  • immune system,
    • auto-immunity,
  • reproductive system,
    • infertility, and
    • interfere with pregnancy,
  • energy metabolism,
    • fat and essential fatty acid metabolism,
  • liver function,
  • mutation of cell membranes,
    • cancer.

Obviously, trans fats are extremely harmful to our health, yet ironically there are no allowed limits established for them. Nonetheless, an average adult in the western societies consumes 20-60 grams of trans fats a day. Is it a surprise then that Western population suffers from epidemics of all the diseases associated with these fats?

Despite all this publicly available knowledge, the vegetable oils and margarine are still being advertised as “healthy and heart protective” and almost all processed foods are cooked with these harmful oils.

It is even possible that wide consumption of vegetable oils is partly responsible for the growing number of our babies born premature.



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