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Avoid Processed Foods

Some facts about processed foods.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) severely lacks nutrients due to the processed foods it includes. While lacking nutrients, to make matters worse, most processed foods contain …

  • artificial colors,
  • additives,
  • flavorings, and
  • chemically altered trans-fats, and
  • sweeteners.
Many of the claims on processed food packaging labels are misleading.

KETO healthy-request-cream-mushroom-soupMost processed foods which claim to be low in fat are surely high in sugar (watch out for hidden re-labeled sugars).

If you are concerned about health, you should probably avoid products that make dubious health claims. Because a health claim on a food product is a strong indication that it is not real food.

Most processed foods are not what we think we are eating.


So, how do we deal with this deceitful situation? It is common knowledge that all the junk food is displayed in the center aisles of a supermarket. Therefore, it makes sense to shop only along the perimeter of the supermarket, where the fresh, natural, non-processed foods are offered. However this is not fail safe. For example, some dairy products or salad dressings that would otherwise be considered natural, have added corn syrup, preservatives and other fancy additives.

What else can we do? We surely won’t find any processed food products with high-fructose corn syrup, unpronounceable ingredients and dubious health claims at our local farmers’ market or neighborhood natural food store.

Our other options are growing our own vegetable garden, or joining local food co-ops or farm shares.



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