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Study: Sugar Industry Secretly Paid Harvard Researchers to Blame Fat for Health Risks

In the 1960s, the leading sugar industry trade group paid three Harvard researchers nearly $50,000 in today’s dollars to publish a literature review that would link fat and cholesterol—and not sugar—to increased risk of heart disease. In 2007, Cristin Kearns was a general manager at Kaiser Permanente,

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Sugar industry paid scientists to misdirect obesity blame

Internal industry documents suggest that five decades of research into the role of nutrition and heart disease — including many of today’s dietary recommendations — may have been largely shaped by the sugar industry. The sugar industry paid scientists in the 1960s to downplay the link between

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Widespread Sugar Industry Conspiracy Caused U.S. Obesity Epidemic, Startling New Research Finds

Just more than a quarter-century ago, Kurt Cobain, the late frontman for 90’s grunge band Nirvana, famously quipped on the seminal “Nevermind” album that “just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after you.” It’s a line taken from Joseph Heller’s 1961 novel “Catch-22”—a rude awakening about

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Harvard’s Sugar Industry Scandal Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

There’s a lot of junk science — and corporate sponsorship — out there. The sugar industry paid scientists to pad research to support its interests in the 1960s, according to a paper published Monday in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. Author Cristin Kearns University of California, San Francisco uncovered

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The Sugar Industry Hid Shocking Documents for 40 Years

Decades ago, Big Sugar funded loads of influential research downplaying its product’s role in heart disease. These days, the link between heavy sugar consumption and heart disease is as clear as a glass of Sprite, and readily acknowledged by the American Heart Association. But for decades, Americans concerned about cardiovascular

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Obesity Epidemic: Sugar Exec Paid Researchers in 60s to Downplay Risks

Historical documents reported by JAMA Internal Medicine suggest that in the 1960s, a sugar executive paid off Harvard researchers to downplay links to heart disease. One of those researchers eventually became the head of nutrition at the Department of Agriculture. In that role, he was able to influence current dietary guidelines,

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The U.S. military has a huge problem with obesity and it’s only getting worse

The U.S. military has a huge problem with obesity and it’s only getting worse! It’s not exactly clear why America’s military personnel are getting fatter. Could be that 15 years of war have weakened the focus on fitness. Could be that millennials, with their penchant for sedentary activities

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How the Sugar Industry Sneakily Influenced Dietary Guidelines

According to a new analysis, it’s a bittersweet day for the sugar industry. The studies conducted in the late 60s that suggested fat intake was a greater risk factor for heart disease than sugar consumption were actually funded by the Sugar Research Foundation, according to a new

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Ketogenic Diet Wins

What others are also reading … Keto Cabbage Pizza views 657 Low Carb Ketogenic Diet Can Treat Cancer views 752 Keto Strawberry Shortcake views 1390 Brain Healthy Breakfast – Salmon Lox, Chia C… views 301

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Why Activists Are Unhappy With New GMO Labeling Legislation …

‘It is a non-labeling bill disguised as a labeling bill.’ The U.S. House of Representatives easily approved legislation Wednesday requiring labels on genetically modified food over objections from anti-GMO groups that say the rules should be stronger. The legislation already passed the Senate and the White House indicated that President Obama

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