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There’s More to Diet Than Salad!

The fat-burning foods that will help us lose weight and heal   In order to lose weight and heal, we need to stay away from foods which have little or no nutritional value (empty calories) and consume more nutrient rich foods. The more nutrient rich foods we eat, the slimmer we shall get.

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New Article Announces Ketogenic Diet as Groundbreaking

This Groundbreaking High Fat Diet Could Combat Diabetes and Promote Weight Loss   One diet that has existed for more than 80 years is making a comeback as a way to ease symptoms of diabetes. Diabetes affects the body’s use of glucose, a type of sugar that

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Natural Sugar Substitute “Stevia”

Artificial Sweeteners and Natural Sugar Substitute Stevia   Story of sweeteners Let’s have quick look at our global food culture before we dive into the topic of sweeteners and stevia. After the Second World War came the industrialization of our food production. As economies recovered and living

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Top Fat Burning Food Items

Top Fat Burning Food Items   Food intake is always associated with calorie count intake. Can some food items really help in burning more calories than intake? Certain food items have negative caloric balance. This means that the energy used in digestion and absorption (thermic effect) of

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Eggs: One Of The Most Nutritious Foods.

Bu!!$h!t Alert: Health Authorities Recommend That We Cut Back on Eggs!   With the introduction of low-fat dietary guidelines by governmental regulatory agencies in 1977, cholesterol along with saturated fat (both harmless) were blamed for cardio vascular diseases. For that reason, the health authorities recommended that we cut

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