Healing through education, nutrition and exercise instead of medication

Starting right here in the San Jacinto Valley, let’s make lives better !

When 30% of our family members, children, friends, neighbors and co-workers are affected by chronic illness, we all are.

In February and March, 2018 MyKetoPal  is continuing the “Healing Chronic Illness Through Nutrition” workshop series at four Valley-wide community center locations throughout San Jacinto Valley. This 4-part lecture program is designed to educate chronically ill individuals on how to combat their metabolic health conditions through nutritious whole foods. This program also provides very valuable nutrition information to everyone who is serious about his/her well-being, longevity, and vitality, while preventing future health complications.

Chronic illness touches the lives of many people in our communities across the USA. Chronic illness doesn’t discriminate. It can impact any of us, anytime, anywhere. 1 in 3 people will have experienced firsthand a chronic illness by the time they reach 50 years of age.

Chronic illness affects:

  • Any gender,
  • any socioeconomic background,
  • any family background or lifestyle,
  • any age.

The number of chronically ill is increasing at an alarming rate. Each passing day, more people at an ever younger age are effected from one form of metabolic health complication or another.

MyKetoPal  is launching this campaign to help combat metabolic diseases with basic education on body and food, and introduce a practical road map for fundamental changes in your lifestyle, in particular what you eat –real, nutritious whole foods.


Knowledge plays a pivotal role in creating positive outcomes. Knowledge —it can, it will and it does change everything.  It is the first step toward healing.

Creating a caring community that supports people in times of illness, as well as during recovery, is something we can do together. Starting right here in the San Jacinto Valley, let’s make lives better.

February 2018, San Jacinto, California


To read about the “Healing Chronic Illness Through Nutrition” workshop series, to view the curriculum of each part, to enroll, and reserve your spot, please visit  myketopal.com/workshop 

About the “Healing Chronic Illness Through Nutrition” workshop series

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