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How Food Affects the Body

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How Does Food Impact Our Body?

Every food we eat has a range of nutritional functions which are specific to them. The nutrients in food are essential to our physical and mental functioning. These functions can be viewed as embedded “information” that triggers particular metabolic responses in our body. In this sense, food can be seen as a source of “information” for our body.

In other words, beside supplying our body with energy, nutrients give our body instructions on how to function. If we don’t get the right information, our metabolic processes suffer and our health declines; we become overweight, undernourished, while our risk of developing all kinds of chronic health conditions increases exponentially.


What does food do in our bodies?

Nutrients are the nourishing substances in food that are essential for the growth, development and maintenance of our body functions. They enable the cells in our body to perform their essential functions. When our nutrient intake does not regularly meet the nutrient needs dictated by our cell activity, our metabolic processes slow down and eventually stop completely.

Thinking about food in this way goes beyond calories or grams, good foods or bad foods. This view leads us to focus on foods we need to consume in order to reverse our health problems and the foods we need to avoid which have been the causes of our health conditions in the first place.

Instead of viewing food as our enemy, we look to food as a way to create a healthy, nutritionally balanced environment for our body to heal. By excluding industrially produced foods (refined carbs, sweeteners, added sugars, gluten, trans fats, …) from our diet, we help our body to proficiently reduce disease conditions and recover to its Creator designed healthy state.

KETO Pills mealFor majority of physicians out there practicing mainstream western medicine, the default position is treating symptoms with pharmaceuticals. Presented with a problem, they immediately think drugs rather than focusing on the cause, which is sugar-loaded industrially processed diet. On the other hand it is truly surprising how many chronic problems are being treated since the beginning of 20th century and at the very least, made better by nutritional means only.

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Why should we care?

We all know that we need to consume a balanced array of nutrients every day. Meanwhile, we also know that the Standard American Diet (SAD) lacks nutrients. Moreover, some of our processed foods include chemically-altered fats and sugars that give our body the wrong signals.

As a society we are facing significant health problems. In the United States 78 percent of healthcare expenditures are spent for the treatment of the symptoms of chronic diseases. Researchers are finding more and more evidence that diseases such as type II diabetes, obesityheart disease, stroke, brain disorder and certain cancers are attributed to a network of biological dysfunction. These conditions are in many respects related to diet. And the food we eat is an important factor in that dysfunction, in part because our diets lack the necessary balance of nutrients.

To prevent the onset of these diseases or reverse the escalation of symptoms, we need to know how nutrients in our diet interact and affect our body functions.

In short, what we eat is very important to our health. Almost all chronic disorders can be improved by a conscious change in nutrition; that is MyKetoPal‘s default position.