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Is Your Blood Sugar Normal?

Is Your Blood Sugar Normal?


Here’s a crash course in diabetes and high blood sugar.
Common symptoms of diabetes:
  • Excessive thirst and an abnormally high urine production. This is because periodically the blood sugar is so high (above 15 mmol/l or 270 mg/dl) that it leaks out into the urine pulling fluid from the body, which increases thirst.
  • A worsening vision is also common. All this sugar makes the lens in the eye swell and you will become more nearsighted.
  • Chronic Fatigue.
  • With type I diabetes, you may inexplicably lose weight and your breath may smell of acetone (nail polish remover).

However, please note that with milder forms of diabetes you often don’t notice anything.

Still, all the sugar in the blood may gradually damage your body.


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