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KETOGENIC FOOD HAUL for two people for a week



This weekend we helped a friend with her starter food kit for KETOGENIC DIET. She is totally stoked about having made the decision to change her lifestyle as well as her husband’s to combat several chronic conditions they have.

My husband Dennis Aytekin and I, exec. chef Janine of MyKetoPal shopped great quality ketogenic foods for her to ease her start with the lifestyle change. We got for her whole foods, organic vegis, great oils and fats, grass-fed meat, cheese, spices, nuts, herbs, etc. All natural, all real foods. This ketogenic food haul was quite balanced. The total cost was little over $120 and was for two people for one week. Of course a lot of stuff will last beyond one week.

Of course most of the stuff can be bought online at Amazon or at Whole Foods if money is not an issue. Our $120 purchase for the exactly same stuff can easily cost over $200 if you are not careful. Our preferred grocery stores for ketogenic shopping (in the order of importance) are these stores.

  • Grocery Outlet
  • Winco
  • ALDI
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Sprouts
  • Wallmart (yes, they have quite a good assortment of organic stuff)
  • Mexican, Asian, Mediterranean and other ethnic markets

Put very simply, ketogenic eating chops the top off of the Standard American Diet (SAD) food pyramid and flips it upside down. Instead of carbohydrates, we get the bulk of our calorie intake from healthy fats, with adequate protein. Carbs and fiber are received from green vegetables.

This is how I, Janine, have been eating for the last 18 months and was able to consistently lose and keep off 140 lbs (63,5 kg), cure my ovarian tumor, and a lump in my breast is almost gone. My husband Dennis started his strict ketogenic diet about three months ago, after he developed an aggressively spreading psoriasis. His skin cleared in a spectacularly short six weeks with ketogenic diet, and daily massage with healing oils (peanut/tea tree oils and fresh aloe vera blended into a fine rubbing/moisturizing cream), and olive oil/baking soda scrub instead of soap.

I hope this will motivate some of our old and new friends and family members to chose combating their chronic illnesses with right nutrition.


Janine Aytekin, Executive Chef

San Jacinto, March 2017

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