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Kettlebell for Fat Burning

The moderately heavy, round-shaped kettlebells aren’t anything new, but their popularity continues to rise —with good reason:

Kettlebell exercises combine cardio and strength training for a calorie-torching lifestyle.

When used right, kettlebell is an extremely effective for total-body strength and conditioning.

The problem is that kettlebells are often used improperly. As with any movement, or lift, skill, proper technique is key for maximum benefit.

What do we need for kettlebell exercise?

All we need are:

  • a kettlebell that weighs 8 to 10 pounds.
  • a flat space, and
  • comfortable yoga outfit.

Why do we recommend kettlebell workout for fat burning?

We think of kettlebell workout as our go-to solution for strengthening our muscles and burning calories, all in one shot. The amount of time-saving calorie burn using kettlebell is incredibly high: an average person burns about 400 calories in 20 minutes when exercising with kettlebell.

Kettlebell workout gets our heart beating quickly while working every part of our body; in particular abs, arms, and legs.

These reasons should convince everyone to add more calorie-torching kettlebell to their life. Regular exercise with kettlebell …

  • reduces back pain,
  • reduces neck pain,
  • reduces shoulder pain,
  • strengthens core muscles, and
  • strengthens upper body muscles.

Which kettlebell routines shall we focus on?

Three “introductory routines” for healthy you!

Let’s nail these 10-20 minutes routines on our way to a healthier, stronger and finer formed body.

Let's learn a routine together!

The Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is a very helpful exercise for the success of our fat burning journey.

It is very effective if we carry out the routine as close as possible to the proper form with correct breathing.

We project the kettlebell to shoulder-height only.

It’s a two-for-one exercise, meaning we are able to combine strength training and cardiovascular conditioning into one efficient movement.

The swing is considered the most powerful kettlebell movement because it represents full-body power, extreme fat loss, and a high level of cardiovascular conditioning. It’s also the foundation of all kettlebell ballistic exercises.

The Goblet Squat

The kettlebell goblet squat is one of the easier kettlebell exercises to learn. We can immediately apply this routine in our fat loss regimen.

Although squatting is the elemental movement pattern with this routine, the kettlebell goblet squat isn’t just a leg exercise; it is a total-body exercise that improves our body balance and mobility —the ability to move safely and efficiently with heavier loads in the future.

The Strict Press

Once we can do the first two exercises, the kettlebell press is next excellent movement to learn.

While it looks like an overhead press, it’s not just a shoulder exercise, as you use your entire body for maximum pressing power and strength.

I’ve found the kettlebell to be comfortable because of the unique shape of it and offset handle which allows a free motion relative to our shoulder joint.

Let's get moving!

Fitness Blender on YouTube is an awesome free resource for all types of exercises. I found it to be my “go to” for getting started then onto really getting my work-out on!