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Let’s Work on People Pleasing

Ugggh… People pleasing. If you are reading this right now, then honey you can relate.


The incessant need to be all up in everybody’s business -to “save them.” Yet, we are the ones that suffer, physically, emotionally, and financially.

The anxiety takes over when you want to say “no” but “YES!” blurts out of your mouth.

Looking like an ass when you so over-commit your time that you can’t follow through with all the tasks/help/favors/loans/rides/projects/… you name it, that you promised to do for the legions of people, loved ones, friends, associates or acquaintances that called on you.

Let’s go on a self discovery and self-worth recovery mission together. Let’s explore why we do this disgust, and self sabotaging annoyance.

I firmly believe that this behavior is also linked with over-eating and obesity. I know personally when I am ready to break … It’s usually when I am doing a dozen projects for others. When I feel like I am being pulled into a million pieces and there are not enough hours in the day.

BALLAND CHAINRecently, I have put a drastic halt to my over commitments and saying yes to every freaking thing. And I have to tell you … It’s been weird, uncomfortable at times and I still procrastinate with turning down a request for help or assistance due to spurts of anxiety.

But I haven’t given up. I freed up my time to finally work on me. So yeah, I will live with that awkward feeling I get when I say “no.” Because the fact is that the “weird feeling” of turning down someone’s request for attention or help only lasts a short moment. Then, soon you are out and about doing your own thing. Feeling great and free.

I have some interesting thoughts for all to consider; I want to share them with you. Now, I am not saying that these are the magic questions that will instantly fix you. No. There’s no quick fixes here … What I am sharing through my writing has helped me to shift my perspective.

If you consider yourself to be a “people pleaser,” you may want to ask yourself these 3 questions and journal your answers:

  1. Do you fear that you’ll be lonely if you alienate those around you by putting yourself and your needs first?
  2. Do you often feel that people don’t treat you right or return your kindness -yet you keep on giving anyway?
  3. Now ask yourself if making others happy is worth your “being unhappy.”


These questions gave me something to think about and helped me say “no,” more often than “yes.”

I entered these thoughts into my journal, I then prayed for clarity to know when to say no and when to consider otherwise, and the strength and the conviction to do it … So far so good. It’s written, “Faith without action is dead.” I know that I have faith. But my responsibility does not end there. My calling is to be truthful to myself, take the needed action to overcome my weaknesses, and change my life to become who I always dreamed of being.

So, I believe as long as we keep on taking the action instead of talking the action, we will go far.

Let’s go … Let’s do it … Together!