Healing through education, nutrition and exercise instead of medication

My Personal Health and Healing Regimen

What is my personal health and healing regimen like?


Since October 1, 2015, I have been on my ketogenic diet. I lost half of my body fat in exactly four months, when other diets did not help for decades.

I personally eat a meat and vegetable based diet, generally consisting of 75 % fats –mostly saturated- , 20 % protein and 5 % carbs. Red meat, fish, in particular salmon, whole eggs, bacon, drumsticks or chicken wings with skin on, and cooked green leafy vegetables are prominent on my personal menu.

I support my dietary program with regular exercise.

I have per week …

  • 3-4 sessions of total body strength training sessions, and
  • 3-4 sessions of interval cardio sessions.

My body strength training is typically 70 minutes including warm up and cool down.

My cardio is at most 15 minutes, 5 sets of “30 seconds on – 60 seconds off” intervals.

I warm up and cool down for 5-10 minutes at 50% effort.

Off days, I try to walk or bike ride everyday 60 minutes at 60% heart rate.

I trust my body more than some outdated studies from some medical research labs or food industry. For me, the results have been nothing short of miraculous.

  • I lost 47 lbs in four months and kept it off!
  • I am losing weight at a rate of 6-10 lbs per month. Although this does not sound much, it is a superb situation because I am burning stored fat, not my muscles.
  • I improved my physical fitness, strength and capability about 75 %.
  • I feel better through out the day. I no longer have unmanageable cravings for sweets (sugar). I feel hungry only at my regular meal times, despite being in continuous calorie deficit.
  • My ovarian pains are totally gone. My periods are painless, lighter and smooth. I am super stoked about that.
I firmly believe that every single person who sticks to the plan will lose weight, and many will be medication free for the first time in years, may be decades …

Lovingly yours,



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