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MyKetoPal’s Official Recipe Library is Here!

Hello friends,

I’m a passionate ketogenic chef who embraces great food. While developing my ketogenic dietitian skills every day, I am also a geri-fit instructor in the making (exercise for elderly).

I believe in the principle of “less is more,” simplicity. You will see that I apply this principle to all my recipes.

Since the early days I discovered the ketogenic diet as the primary means of my healing, I passionately experiment with each recipe until I achieve great flavors while remaining as ketogenic and healthy as possible.

All my recipes are low carb, moderate protein and high fat. My recipes are measured and exclude strictly HFCS, grains, pasta, industrially produced plant oils, and all forms of sugar including the natural ones found in fruits.

Here are pictures of some of the recipes I created in fall 2016. Most of them will all be included to MyKetoPal’s Official Recipe Library soon.

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MyKetoPal Janine

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