Healing through education, nutrition and exercise instead of medication

Nancy Brinker of the Susan G Komen Foundation, you stink.

Race for the cure? What a laugh. There is no race. They have been “racing” for the cure since 1982. 35 years of people blindly funding this pink parody. And it’s all bullsh!t.

Hey Susan G. Komen Foundation why don’t you tell the truth that THERE IS A CURE for cancer and IT IS FREE!

Oh sorry, SGKF, that would cut in on your HALF BILLION YEARLY revenue now wouldn’t it. All the pink shirts and pins, Kitchen Aid blenders and pink Avon crap. Yoplait “Save the Lids” to Delta Airlines… Everyone is making money from a disease that HAS A CURE. Big Pharma, I am talking to you too, you big old cancer whores you.

Why are you hiding the truth that cancer could be defeated by completely eliminating sugar from the diet (Clean Ketogenic Diet) and by flushing the body with anti-angiogenesis herbs and vegetables?

Why? Because CANCER is the world’s biggest money maker… You don’t want people to know that our bodies heal perfectly. No, you have to complicate it with poisonous chemo and radiation not to mention drugs that cause more harm than good.

I defeated aggressive ovarian cancer without chemo, without radiation, without drugs. It can be done completely nutritionally. If you have or know somebody who has cancer, please know that there IS A CURE. Check

  • into a Clean Ketogenic diet, NOT the standard bacon laden, cheese filled, chicken winged Ketogenic diet, but one that is CLEAN.
  • Consume mostly seafood high in Omega 3s DHA/EPA.
  • Eat mostly vegetables high in angiogenesis inhibiting properties and pair them up.
  • Drink always structured water.
  • Clean out your pantry, get rid of anything processed.


Instead of “racing” for the cure, cook for the cure. Your cure. Remember, God has you in His hand. And there is a CURE. It’s your call.



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