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Magnificent Design of the Human Body

Nothing created by man compares to the magnificent design of the human body !


Yes, it is the fact. Nothing manmade compares to the magnificent design of our Creator. Yet, unlike a new high-tech device, we arrive without a manual and recovery app. We end up relying on the guidance or often times the misguidance of those who have supposedly studied the human body.

Today, the medical science is based on giving drugs, which poison the body, radiation, which bums it, and surgery, which removes defective parts.

Most of us begin to think about body maintenance … only when something goes wrong.

Yet, due to the body’s incredible resilience, most serious diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease take 20 plus years to develop. By the time we notice the symptoms, it is already too late.


Here are some of the unnoticed, but awesome basal activities of huge scale taking place within our body …


  • During the time you are through reading this blog post, your stem cells in the bone marrow will have produced 2.5 million new red blood cells.


  • In a healthy individual, these red blood cells have a life span of about 100 to 120 days. Their primary duty, until they are replaced, is to transmit oxygen from our lungs to all our body cells.


  • Our brain, a mere three pounds of mainly fat and water, boasts a massive transmission system of a trillion nerve cells that are processing information of enormous complexity.


  • Each of our trillion brain nerve cells is connected to 100,000 others in a network where these links form our life as it unfolds, and the meaning we attach to it.


  • It is estimated that we use only a quarter of a percent (1/4 %) of our brain’s full capacity and, half the potential lifespan of our bodies.


  • Our immune system replaces its entire army every week. When under viral attack, our immune system has the capacity to produce 200,000 new immune cells every second.


  • Our digestive system produces daily about its 2.5 gallons (10 liters) of digestive juices to break down the food we eat.


  • In the present day USA people eat on average roughly 80 tons of food during the span of 80 years lifetime, absorbed through our gastrointestinal wall (‘inside skin’). This corresponds to 5.5 lbs a day; way too high.


  • Our gastrointestinal wall cells are replaced every four days.


  • The health of our gastrointestinal tract is maintained by a team of about 300 different strains of bacteria and other micro-organisms. The number of these micro-organisms exceeds the total the number of cells in our entire body.


  • Our outside skin is replaced every month, while most of our body is renewed over a time period of seven years.


  • The small amount of energy provided by the food we consume powers all these unnoticed basal activities and more within our body, with plenty of spare energy left for our physical activities.



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