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Pesticide Residue Rankings for Fresh Produce

The USDA regularly performs tests and publish the test results on fresh produce items for “pesticide residue.” According to the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration) test data, the below listed 22 keto-friendly popular foods rank as listed here “from worst to best” – lower numbers indicate more pesticides.


A Quick Reminder Regarding the GMOs

The suggestions given below are strictly based on the levels of contamination from pesticide. This list does contain items that may be potentially genetically modified . For example, some varieties** of tomatoes and summer squash (species of zucchini) sold in the United States are genetically modified, produced in small amounts from genetically modified seeds. So, we must be always aware of this fact when shopping.

We recommend buying preferably seasonally grown organic varieties of these crops at your local farmers market to avoid genetically modified produce. Get to know the farmers you buy the fresh produce from. Eat fresh picked real food. Healthy fruits and vegetables that were grown with great care and love without pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

The website of EatLocalGrown has a comprehensive list of farms, ranches, restaurants, artisans, and farmer’s markets in your area at eatlocalgrown.com .

Here is the list for farms, ranches, restaurants, artisans, and farmer’s markets in Inland Empire,  Southern California.


Pesticide Residue Rankings of Popular Keto-friendly Produce “from Worst to Best”:

1              Strawberries



2              Spinach


3              Celery


4              Tomatoes – also cherry kind **some varieties may be genetically modified


5              Bell peppers


6              Cucumbers


7              Lettuce


8              Blueberries


9              Hot peppers


10           Kale / collard greens


11           Green beans


12           Raspberries


13           Summer squash **some varieties may be genetically modified

14           Green onions

15           Mushrooms


16           Broccoli


17           Cauliflower


18           Eggplant


19           Asparagus


20           Onions


21           Cabbage


22           Avocados



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