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Shift from Sugar to Lipid (Fat) Energy Metabolism

How long does it take our body to shift from “sugar energy metabolism to “lipid energy metabolism“?


It may take somewhere between four days to two weeks for the body to shift from sugar energy metabolism to lipid energy metabolism (using fat as primary fuel). The rate of this shift depends on the metabolic resistance of the individuals.


Is it reasonable to go in and out of ketosis?

No, it is not reasonable to go in and out of ketosis.

We need to recognize fact that our body is conditioned to use sugar as our primary energy source due to decades of high-carb diet. In consequence of our poor dietary choices, our idle lipid energy metabolism has become ever more sedate.

In order to reactivate our lipid energy metabolism, and stay on ketosis, we need to establish a “long-term” dietary environment which largely excludes ingestion of carbohydrates and all types of sugar (including fructose from fruits). As long as we stick to this cardinal rule, we will remain on ketosis.

While we are on ketosis …

  1. Once sugar (from fruits, high carb foods or hidden added sugar in processed foods) is introduced to our digestive system while we are on ketosis, our body instantly reacts to it by secreting insulin.
  2. The instant this happens, our body at once puts our lipid energy metabolism on hold and reverts to sugar energy metabolism “temporarily” –or if you decide to go back to SAD diet, “permanently.”
  3. The “ketosis-interrupters,” the carbs and sugar we ingest are broken down into glucose, and shuttled to our cells as energy source.
  4. At this stage, our ketone production is on hold.
  5. Our cells do not have a say-so on which type of energy source they get delivered. They use any energy form, glucose or ketones, to support cell functions, growth and cellular repair.
  6. Having been delivered glucose, our cells as well revert to sugar energy metabolism “


Once we are out of ketosis, it will take anywhere between four to 14 days –depending on our present overall metabolic response rate– to get back on ketosis.

Even if the above situation happens after several months of uninterrupted ketogenic regimen, we will need to reset anew to get back into ketosis. This will sadly mean that our weight loss progress will stall and we will not burn our stored fat –for four to 14 days until we get back on ketosis.

One other reason to avoid going out of ketosis is that sugar induces dopamine secretion and a quick feel-good rush, which may set off the sugar cravings of the past. The reawakened sugar cravings may continue during the entire shift-back period until we get back on ketosis again.



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