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GET YOUR MOVE ONExercise = A Quality Life


You are probably wondering why I equate that. Because when you are out and about going for that walk, you see things instead of flipping the TV on and watching others live. It’s time to get out there and start living your own self.

Alone time. This is one of the most beneficial practices. To get out there and go for a stroll, reflect and regroup.

Go have fun. Get out with your girls and go window-shopping. A romp around for a couple of hours could burn up to 400 calories.

Having a dog is great. If you don’t have one, you might consider adopting one at your local shelter. Dogs always love you no matter what and they are always ready for some exercise.

Your way into easy exercises that make a real impact

Get your Stretch on.

KETO Yoga for overweightFull-body stretching and exercising with own body weight are simply the fastest and easiest ways to tone our body, completely. They tone and build muscles and tighten the skin.

Stretching is for all types of shapes and sizes if you just know how to start. For folks carrying more weight, low-impact exercises like stretching is more comfortable than running on the pavement. And most postures can be modified to fit our body.

Stretching isn’t that cycling class with the drill sergeant instructor. It’s not the insanity workout. Plus, the deep breathing and body awareness components of stretching boosts confidence for people of all waistlines.

Balance Ball Fun

Balance balls are the bomb. Exercises done on balls improve the overall balance, strengthen the core and develop the stomach muscles. Learn some basic moves on the balance ball here.

Kettlebell Fun

The kettlebell really packs a punch when it comes to toning the flabbiness.

Your own weight is the best weight for building core strength. Learn which routines to do to maximize your results with minimal impact.

Body-weight workouts have very low impact on our muscles and joints, are injury-free and healthy exercises that still get us serious results. Learn which muscles are activated during body weight exercises. Try a workout from our video library and feel the burn!

Walking ... Your best friend in getting that belly down!

Walking for Fat Burning

Regular walking produces many health benefits including weight control, improved mood, better sleep and prevention of chronic disease. Finding the time and motivation can be a challenge, so make walking a part of your daily routine by planning ahead and sticking to your routine.

Start slowly and set simple, reasonable goals. If you set the bar too high, you may give up on exercise before giving it a fair chance.

Benefits of Walking

KETO walkingWalking is one of the best cardiovascular “full range of motion” exercises for the entire body from the time your heel hits the ground until you lift off with your toes. It tunes up the heart and lungs, improves your circulation, and muscle tone. With daily walking, you will lose weight, boost your energy levels, and clear your mind.

Just 30 minutes of walking spread out over the day will put you on a path to reduce your risk for …

  • stroke,
  • diabetes,
  • high blood pressure,
  • forms of arthritis,
  • blood lipid (cholesterol and triglyceride) abnormalities,
  • obesity,
  • type II diabetes,
  • osteoporosis, and
  • metabolic syndrome.

These disease states are all risk factors for heart disease. Additionally, walking decreases stress, depression, and anger –all of which appear to contribute to the development of heart disease and worsening of existing heart disease.

More good news

Forceful walking exercise raises levels of fat-burning hormones in the body. Walking also increases post-exercise after-burn (the calories our body uses as it recovers) by about 47% compared with lower-intensity workouts.

Univ. of Virginia Researchers tested two groups of women of similar age and fitness level. First group walked three shorter, fast-paced walks plus two longer, moderate-paced ones in a week. Second group strolled at a moderate speed 5 days a week. Even though both groups burned exactly the same number of calories (400) per workout, fast-paced walkers lost 5 times more belly fat than those who simply strolled at a moderate speed.

Over 16 weeks without dieting, the power walkers also …

  • dropped more than 2 inches from their waistlines,
  • pared about 3 times more fat from their thighs,
  • shed 4 times more total body fat,
  • lost about 3 times more belly cavity fat that wraps around the organs -liver and kidneys, and
  • lost almost 8 pounds total.

So how do we work all this out for us? Start with our 6-week progressive walking plan, which includes both shorter, high-intensity workouts and longer, moderate-paced ones. Add in few balance ball routines to firm your mid section. In just 2 months, you will walk off one or two sizes —without dieting!

How long do you need to walk to burn 400 calories?

KETO walking_shoes

We recommend that you follow the walking speed chart below which will give you a general idea how long you need to walk in order to burn 400 calories:

Weight 2 mph 3 mph 4 mph
160 lbs 136 minutes 100 minutes 66 minutes
170 lbs 124 minutes 94 minutes 62 minutes
180 lbs 118 minutes 89 minutes 59 minutes
190 lbs 112 minutes 85 minutes 56 minutes
200 lbs 106 minutes 80 minutes 53 minutes
210 lbs 102 minutes 76 minutes 51 minutes
220 lbs 96 minutes 73 minutes 48 minutes

Can’t spare that much time all at once? You can divide your workouts into smaller chunks, such as three 20- to 30-minute sessions, and still get the same results.

For best results during your routine walks, start warming up with an easy pace for 5 minutes at the beginning of your walk, and cool down by moving at an easy pace for 5 minutes at the end of your walk.

Speed Walk “three times” per week

KETO Get your move onYou want to push yourself. Everyone’s idea of hard is different. For a beginner, 2 mph (3.2 km/hr) may be plenty, while someone who is rather fit may find 4 mph (6.5 km/hr) good to get results.
Try to go at a pace at which you are breathing heavily, but you can speak a couple of words at a time. Slow down if it is too challenging. However, if you able to hold normal conversation, i.e. discuss dinner plans in detail, you need to up your pace, and walk faster.

To help you get up to speed, take short breaks by slowing down to a moderate pace. As you progress, do this recovery less frequently until you’re able to keep up with the pace for the full hour or more.

Take a one-minute “moderate pace walking” break …

Week 1:               Every 5 minutes

Week 2:               Every 10 minutes

Week 3:               Every 15 minutes

Week 4:               After 20 minutes, repeat as necessary

Week 5:               After 30 minutes, repeat as necessary

Week 6:               take no break throughout the entire high intensity walk

KETO exercise-obeseBasic Walk “two times” per week

Walk at a moderate (somewhat challenging) pace.

Because you’ll be going slower, you will need to walk a little longer than you do in the Speed Walking routine in order to burn 400 calories.

You know who you are. The one with your head always in the future … Daydreaming about being that person. You know, the one that has it all together, is healthy, fit and happy.

You don’t have to “wait until you get there.” Get out there now. Be that person. Go for it with wild abandon. Soon you will see, that the old routine that has not been working out for you for eons, is just a fading memory. Let the real you strive and grow.