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Workshop Curriculum – Session 3: How We Nourish Our Body To Heal

** Workshop title: Healing Chronic Illness Through Nutrition ** Workshop location: 4 Valley-wide Community Center locations ** Session title: Session 3 – How We Nourish Our Body for Healing ** Session dates: See our calendar page for the session days and times for various Valley-wide locations. **

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Metabolic Patterns of our Organs

Each of our organs has a unique metabolic profile!   The metabolic patterns of our brain, muscles, adipose tissue, kidney, and liver are strikingly different.   Brain Glucose is our first fuel of choice for the brain, except during prolonged “sugar” starvation. The brain does not store fuel and hence requires a

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Your Brain On Ketones

How a high-fat diet can help the brain work better   The modern prescription of high carbohydrate, low fat diets (Standard American Diet – SAD), and eating snacks between meals has coincided with an increase in obesity, diabetes, and and increase in the incidence of many mental health

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Bipolar Disorder and Low Carb Diets

Bipolar Disorder and Diet (Part II): Low Carbohydrate Diets   Can food stabilize mood?  Is there a diet out there that could prevent mania, mood swings, deep depressions, and uncomfortably anxious and agitated states? Sound far-fetched?  Maybe not. Dietary changes can have very powerful effects on brain

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Conquering Alzheimer’s with Coconut Ketones

Conquering Alzheimer’s with Coconut Ketones   By Dr. Bruce Fife Original article: Conquering Alzheimer’s with Coconut Ketones   Patti Smith sensed something was wrong. Her mind seemed to go into a fog at times. She would fumble for words, forget appointments, and often stopped abruptly in mid-sentence, forgetting what

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Studies on Alzheimer’s, MCI-Mild Cognitive Impairment, and Ketosis

Funny thing is, not even a month ago I was commenting over at Dr. Parker’s Diabetic Mediterranean Diet blog that there weren’t really any studies about ketogenic diets and Alzheimer’s and dementia.  There were a few case reports that it was helpful, to be sure, but nothing much

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Ketosis and Ketones

How does ketosis work?   During ketogenic diet program, glucose is by design in short supply. During metabolic state of ketosis, the liver switches from sugar metabolism (processing/digesting sugar/carbs) into fat metabolism (breaking down the ingested and stored fats). The process of fat digestion is called “beta-oxidization.” Our fat stores accumulate fat as “long”

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Shift from Sugar to Lipid (Fat) Energy Metabolism

How long does it take our body to shift from “sugar energy metabolism“ to “lipid energy metabolism“?   It may take somewhere between four days to two weeks for the body to shift from sugar energy metabolism to lipid energy metabolism (using fat as primary fuel). The rate of

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When Does the Liver Produce Ketoacids?

Ketoacid production during high- and low-carb diets   When we are on a typical high-carbohydrate diet … On a typical high-carbohydrate diet (such as the Standard American Diet-SAD), our body uses solely the ingested sugar as fuel. As a result of the continual availability of sugar in

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How Do Ketone Testing Strips Work?

Ketones and ketosis are no mysteries thanks to ketone testing strips.   They are called KetoStix (the first brand name), Urine Test Strips, Reagent Strips, Ketone Testing Strips, or Lipolysis Test Strips.   Quick look at ketosis and ketones During ketogenic diet program, glucose is by design in short supply; in this state the

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