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Metabolic Patterns of our Organs

Each of our organs has a unique metabolic profile!   The metabolic patterns of our brain, muscles, adipose tissue, kidney, and liver are strikingly different.   Brain Glucose is our first fuel of choice for the brain, except during prolonged “sugar” starvation. The brain does not store fuel and hence requires a

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Potassium and Ketogenic Diet

Why is potassium critical for ketogenic dieters?   The most commonly deficient mineral (not just on low-carb diets) is potassium. While adults are encouraged to consume 4,700 mg of potassium every day, EDR (Estimated Daily Minimum) for potassium is around 2,000 mg for healthy adults.  However, people on a

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Understanding the Electrolytes

The Electrolytes How does potassium work & what does sodium have to do with it? Potassium is one of the ‘key electrolytes‘ we need for the proper function of many of our body systems. In the absence of sufficient levels of potassium, our certain bodily functions break down.

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What Is Potassium? Why Do We Need It?

What is potassium and why can’t we do without it?   Potassium, a chemical element, is one of the three primary minerals known as ‘essential minerals‘ (others being sodium and chloride – regular table salt). Same as all essential minerals, potassium is critical to our body. Our

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