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Metabolic Patterns of our Organs

Each of our organs has a unique metabolic profile!   The metabolic patterns of our brain, muscles, adipose tissue, kidney, and liver are strikingly different.   Brain Glucose is our first fuel of choice for the brain, except during prolonged “sugar” starvation. The brain does not store fuel and hence requires a

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When Does the Liver Produce Ketoacids?

Ketoacid production during high- and low-carb diets   When we are on a typical high-carbohydrate diet … On a typical high-carbohydrate diet (such as the Standard American Diet-SAD), our body uses solely the ingested sugar as fuel. As a result of the continual availability of sugar in

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What is Ketosis?

Ketosis a.k.a. Ketogenic State or Metabolic State of Ketosis   Ketosis, also referred to as ketogenic state or metabolic state of ketosis, is the metabolic state of the body at which the quantity of ketone bodies (ketones) in the blood has reached higher-than-normal levels. Ingested and stored fats as alternative energy source. For energy, our body mainly

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Digestion of Lipids (Fats)

Digestion of Lipids (Fats)   The food containing fats essentially follow the same pathway as carbohydrate foods. As fat containing food travels through the digestive tract, its digestion takes place in different locations, with chemical digestion primarily beginning in the stomach.. Step by step fat metabolism >> Read

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How Does Ketogenic Diet Work?

What is  Ketogenic Diet? How does it work?   First, let’s look at what our body uses for energy. We use for energy primarily dietary carbohydrates (pasta, rice, sugars) and/or fats (butter, fatty meats, oils, nuts). Our body “habitually” uses dietary carbs and sugar as fuel as long as our regular

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