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Avoid Processed Foods

Some facts about processed foods. The Standard American Diet (SAD) severely lacks nutrients due to the processed foods it includes. While lacking nutrients, to make matters worse, most processed foods contain … artificial colors, additives, flavorings, and chemically altered trans-fats, and sweeteners. Many of the claims on processed food packaging labels are

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What is Thermogenesis?   Also known as the thermic effect of food, dietary thermogenesis (DIT: diet-induced thermogenesis) is the process of energy production in the body caused directly by the metabolizing of consumed food (thermē is Greek for heat and genesis for creation). Our diet-induced thermogenesis (DIT) rate is

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What Is Potassium? Why Do We Need It?

What is potassium and why can’t we do without it?   Potassium, a chemical element, is one of the three primary minerals known as ‘essential minerals‘ (others being sodium and chloride – regular table salt). Same as all essential minerals, potassium is critical to our body. Our

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