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Holy Mackerel: Our Favorite Cheap, Healthy, Sustainable Fish

Seriously, you should be eating more mackerel. On the grill or in a sauté with spring vegetables, fish is a versatile protein-for-all-seasons. And if there’s one fish we really like when the weather’s warm, it’s mackerel. WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH MACKEREL? Mackerel is a saltwater fish in the same

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Anti-Inflammatory, High Omega-3 Seafood Breakfast

At MyKetoPal, we chose seafood, in particular fish to play a starring role in our breakfast. Yes, you read right; we’re talking about eating fish for breakfast. Seafood-centric low carb brain-foods are main staples in self-healing focused MyKetoPal breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. We strongly believe in the

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