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The Great “Interferers”

The Great “Interferers”

What is TO AVOID EATING in order to manage and cure hypothyroidism?



The hormone estrogen can interfere with our body’s ability to use thyroid hormone. Soy is loaded with plant-based phyto-estrogen, and may increase a person’s risk for hypothyroidism.

In MyKetoPal’s ketogenic 180 Food Plan, we avoid soy products all together. Nevertheless, it is important for insisting soy food consumers to intake adequate amounts of iodine.


Soy Flavonoids (genistein, daidzein)

We are always told that soy flavonoids –better known as “soy isoflavones”– are good for us.  Yet, soy flavonoids reduce the activity of thyroid peroxidase, the enzyme required to insert iodine into thyroid hormone.

Cooking does not destroy the goitrogenic activity of soy isoflavones.


Millet Flavonoids (apigenin, glucosylorientine, vitexin) 

Millet flavonoids greatly reduce the activity of thyroid peroxidase, the enzyme that inserts iodine into thyroid hormone.  Millet flavonoids also push thyroid hormone off of carrier proteins in the bloodstream.

Apigenin is the most potent of the three Millet flavonoids.

Cooking does not destroy millet flavonoids.


Some other foods –containing apigenin– we avoid at all times include:

  • Chamomile
  • Wheat sprouts
  • Red wine
  • Beer

We consume the below listed foods in moderation. These contain traces of apigenin.

  • Citrus fruits
  • Onions
  • Parsley


Sugar Containing Foods

Hypothyroidism causes the body’s metabolism to slow down. Sugar is a lot of calories with no nutrients. That’s why the calories we take in from sugar are called “empty calories.” This means it’s easy to put on pounds if we aren’t careful.

Sugar is best to eliminate it completely from our diet. In MyKetoPal’s ketogenic 180 Food Plan, we avoid products with sugar, including sweet fruits all together.


Processed Foods

Processed foods contain excessive amounts of refined carbs, sugar, artificial preservatives, sweeteners and gluten, and are usually cooked with trans fats. Read the Nutrition Facts label on the packaging of processed foods to check the presence of any of these hazardous ingredients.


Iron and calcium supplements

Taking iron or calcium supplements can promote constipation.



What IS TO AVOID EATING in order to manage and cure hypothyroidism?

If you have hypothyroidism, or want to reduce your risk for hypothyroidism, you may want to consider the following strategies:

  • Eliminate the most potent goitrogens from your diet (definitely soy, millet, and rutabaga).
  • Consume moderately and “thoroughly cook” all other goitrogenic foods we listed above, including cruciferous vegetables.
  • If you choose to include significant amounts of goitrogenic foods in your diet, be sure to consume 150 micrograms per day of iodine from iodized salt or seaweed. Be careful not to overdo it.


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