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The Key to Thermogenesis

Why is thermogenesis important for weight loss?


Thermogenesis plays an important role in regulating body weight.


Our weight depends on two key factors:
  • food taken in, and
  • energy put out.

In the energy side of that equation, thermogenesis is one of the three main components, along with basal metabolic rate and physical activity. Thermogenesis accounts for all energy expended in the resting state above and beyond our basal metabolic rate. As such, a high dietary thermogenesis helps promote weight loss while a low dietary thermogenesis helps with weight gain.

exerciseThe easiest way to experience thermogenesis is to start exercising.

If you start walking at a fast pace or even running, you pretty soon feel your body warming up (the exercise-triggered thermogenesis is happening).

The main weight loss benefit of thermogenesis is that it uses up stored energy. For our body to generate heat, we need to burn calories. And since these calories usually come from the fat stored in our body, we want to trigger as much thermogenesis as possible.


Exercise and dietary composition go hand in hand.

Exercise can help us boost our weight loss efforts immensely. When we exercise, our stored energy is mostly converted into kinetic energy (energy that enables us to move). This conversion is not completely efficient, thus some heat generated in the process dissipates into our environment.

However, exercise alone does not influence our thermogenesis rate. Diet affects thermogenesis directly. What we eat can also increase thermogenesis and our calorie burn rate.

The different diet compositions result in a diet-induced thermogenesis of 5% to 15% of daily energy expenditure.



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