Healing through education, nutrition and exercise instead of medication

MyKetoPal Website Fair Use Disclaimer

We at MyKetoPal hold the firm opinion that it is every individual’s own personal responsibility to connect with their physical being. That means everyone has to grow to be “able to respond” (thus responsible) to the needs of their body through self education.

We promote …

Healing through education, nutrition and exercise, rather than medication!

The MyKetoPal website does not make medical claims and its purpose is purely informative. None of the statements made on this web site or in the literature available through this website have been approved by the FDA or any other governmental institution in any country. The content of this web site is meant for educational purpose only.

The information on MyKetoPal website is intended for educational and informational purposes only. The information herein offered are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. They should not be used in place of an individual consultation or examination or replace the advice of your health care professional and should not be relied upon to determine diagnosis or course of treatment. MyKetoPal website does not intend to promote cure to any particular health complication, nor suggests that patients should abandon their ongoing therapies in favor of any others.

This website provides general information derived from a vast number of legitimate online resources such as …

  • nutrition,
  • health and fitness,
  • alternative medicine,
  • standard web MD (western medicine),
  • governmental (USDA, pubmed, etc.),
  • environmental, and
  • food and agro-pharma industry …

… websites with our main focus being on the LCHF (low carb-high fat) ketogenic diet.

The information on MyKetoPal website is compiled with the layperson in mind. And …

We are by no means claiming to be scholarly or scientists.

For the last year or so, Janine Lechuga-Aytekin, Executive Chef and MyKetoPal founder, have been staying focused on her personal healing and weight loss regimen. When the “2015 USDA Dietary Guidelines” came out in January 2016 with only the half truth about saturated fats, it has gotten Janine so irritated that she kept finding myself online, researching, posting, tweeting, commenting and the like.

Eventually, the MyKetoPal website was assembled after an 18 months research and development period with the goal to bring everything to the attention of the public regarding …

  • the health of our friends and family,
  • our past experiences with dozens of weight loss programs,
  • our own health challenges, and
  • the great results we achieved in months with LCHF (low carb-high fat) ketogenic diet.

The information you find here are based on our observations, research, and resulting reflections. We truly recommend that you do your own research, and fact check what we are sharing. And please correct us wherever necessary. We always appreciate new facts and information.

In the MyKetoPal website, you will not only find valuable information, but also connect with nutrition professionals  and medical doctors who are promoting and practicing dietary ketosis, and of course our ambassadors and healing support community.

While we do not promote cure for a particular medical condition, nor do we suggest that patients should eventually abandon their ongoing therapies, we encourage you to try your new low carb-high fat lifestyle in order to:

  • leave behind the memory of countless failed weight loss attempts in the past,
  • start a new back-to-health chapter in your life,
  • understand the basics of how food and your body interact,
  • eliminate sugar, refined carbs, trans fats from your diet,
  • achieve long term body fat loss (not just body weight loss-water weight loss) while gaining back your health,
  • regularly exercise to get stronger and support your fat burning metabolism,
  • digitally monitor your regimen on your smart phone


Thank you for visiting our website and giving yourself a chance to be healthy again.


March 2016, Long Beach, California



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