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What is Structured Water? Why is it essential for us?

Structured water (a.k.a. hexagonal water, or living water, or active water, or charged water) is created by the free flow of water in the nature. Natural water in the rivers and mountain streams tumble over rocks, down waterfalls, flow through twists and turns as it actively descends a mountain. This natural action of water actually structures the water.

The otherwise clumping water molecules form structured and charged crystals, making them free to move in an energetically vibrant manner in the stream. Individual water clusters are reduced in size, reorganized into loose molecular structures and formed into hexagonal water crystals for more rapid penetration into the cells of our body. Turbulent forces create a visible vortex, increasing the amount of oxygen in our drinking water – up to 30%.

Through the structuring process, the molecular structure of water changes to reflect:

  • less surface tension,
  • neutralized toxins,
  • cleared memory, and
  • balance on a particle level,

offering increased hydration for people, animals, plants and all living things.

Structured water in our body

When we were first born, the water in our bodies was almost 100% in crystalline form. As we get older or become infected with diseases, structured water gradually deteriorates in our body. By the age of 58, structured water in an adult’s body can be as low as 23%. Consequently, we need to replenish the structured water in our body in order to achieve ultimate hydration, better nutrient absorption, and longevity … Regular and ongoing consumption of vitalized water replaces dysfunctional and unorganized water, increasing energy at the cellular level.

Our body is made up of a network of interconnected, interrelated fluid, crystalline structures. 70-80% of our body is made up of water, and composed of almost 99% water by volume! 85% of the our brain is made up of water. Simply put – our body is made up of highly organized living water crystals.

Our DNA, the myelin sheath of our nerve cells, the phospholipids of our cell membranes … these all exist only in the form of crystals.

Crystals are transducers which convert energy from one form to another. They are also able to store energy, amplify signals, and filter information. Most importantly, the crystalline structure of molecules allows for clear, crisp signaling and information transfer, just like the semiconductor chips in a computer. But once this route is disrupted, cellular communication can be severely affected!

Without this crystalline structure of our biological molecules, the signals become distorted, thereby, gradual cell deformation and death occurs.

What does water do for us?

What does structured water do for us?

Structured water, also called “hexagonal water,” contains small, ring-shaped molecular units that are more mobile within the body.

Structured water

  • provides rapid hydration and cell water turnover -10 minutes vs 45 minutes after drinking spring water!
  • is the liquid carrier that helps transmit signals.
  • easily penetrates the cells —hydrating, cleansing, and revitalizing at the cellular level!
  • functions as the transport highway for nutrients and wastes between our cells.
  • is a more efficient carrier of oxygen and nutrients.
  • connects, supports, and helps create crystallinity in the tissues.
  • stabilizes the biological molecular structures of our DNA by supporting the folds and bends of the DNA molecule and protecting it from outside disturbances.
  • supports immune system and greater overall health.
  • can potentially help with diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, and digestion.
  • provides rapid reduction in clumping of the red blood cells -efficient removal of toxins; stickiness (Rouleau) of the red blood cells is related to several diseases.

Other properties and benefits of structured water …

Structured water

  • makes the water taste fresh.
  • is ion free and high in Hydrogen and Oxygen.
  • is biologically free – in nature water always has good bacteria.
  • is memory free.
  • provides anti aging health benefits.
  • increases minerals, medications or any other supplement absorption to 100 percent.
  • makes less soap necessary when washing.
  • rinses hair and skin cleaner and feels better after washing.
  • increases longevity of all systems that use water.
  • reduces corrosion & deposits in pipes.
  • removes existing calcium and aragonite deposits.
  • helps with healthier garden & household plants.
  • helps with healthier farm livestock, domestic pets & fish.
  • improves growth of crops with increased biomass (27% to 40%).
  • eliminates polluting salts, chemicals or corrosive byproducts.
  • Solvency of the water increases profits from sales of coffee & juices.

How do we get our drinking water structured?

Water can store energy and it can also store frequencies. And what this means is that … Water has memory! In modern societies, water has to go through extensive pressurized pipes before reaching our homes. And en route, it’s exposed to all kinds of influences, whether it’s material pollution like pesticides and chlorine, or vibrational pollution. Modern-day water supply process kills the natural vortex movement of live water and therefore, destroys the hexagonal structured water molecules. And water remembers.

Let us realize that what surrounds normal functioning proteins in our body and our DNA are composed of structured water… So now that we know how important structured water is … how and where can we get it from?

Unless we find the most pristine water on the planet, what we normally drink is the unorganized, lifeless water. Nevertheless, we don’t need to go to the wilderness to get structured water.

We can structure our drinking water very economically into the same pristine water found in mountain streams right in our own homes.

Most practical and economic way to structure water

In the nature oxygen is added to the water while it moves in a turbulent movement, or vortices. Vortices occur in nature in many forms: tornadoes, whirlpools, weather systems, even galaxies. We need to structure, energize, and oxygenate our drink water (preferably reverse osmosis filtered) by emulating the way nature creates structured water.

  1. We achieve structured water by whirling the water in a bottle to create a tornado.
  2. We take two clear soda bottles.
  3. We fill one of them about three-fourths with our unstructured reverse osmosis water.
  4. We install the simple connector device (Vortex Bottle Connector) to the full bottle and screw the empty bottle on top. Then we orient the connected bottles so that the filled bottle is on top and upside down.
  5. First, we shall observe that the water slowly drip down from the top bottle into the lower bottle as air bubbles up into the top bottle. The flow of water may come to a complete stop. When the water is not rotating, surface tension creates a skin-like layer of water across the small hole in the center of the connector.
  6. With the filled bottle on top, we rapidly rotate the connected bottles a few times in circular motion. When we spin the bottles around a few times, the water in the upper bottle starts rotating. We shall observe the formation of a funnel-shaped vortex as the top bottle drains in a steady manner as it empties into the lower bottle. The Vortex Bottle Connector allows the water to form a spiraling, funnel-shaped vortex as it drains from the top bottle into the bottom bottle.
  7. Spiral waves form in the water surface of the vortex. These waves appear to move in slow motion as they travel upward through the downward-flowing water.
  8. The water is pulled down and forced toward the drain hole in the center as a result of the combination of air pressure, water pressure, and gravity. The speed of the water increases as it approaches the center of the bottle. The hole in the center of the vortex allows air from the lower bottle to flow easily into the upper bottle. This enables the upper bottle to drain smoothly and completely.
  9. The whole assembly is then inverted and the process repeated.

What happens when the amount of structured water is high?

Structured water molecules can effectively eliminate toxic waste from our body, increasing our metabolic function. What’s even more amazing about this water is its huge capacity to store energy. And this energy can be released immediately when the body needs it!

The lack of sufficient oxygen in our drinking water can be a significant contributor to disease and ill health. One way to increase the amount of oxygen available to our tissues is to drink oxygen-rich water. Structured water, just like in the nature, holds more oxygen than unstructured water.

The energy in structured water is enough to begin to balance the organs of our body – within minutes after drinking. A balanced organ indicates homeostasis – the state in which it has enough energy to perform its designated functions.


How long does the structured water remain charged?

If no other major alterations are done to the structured water either by a harmful water system or by putting the water near harsh electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s), then the structured water will remain charged 7 to 10 days in direct sun light, and in the confines of our homes for over 3 weeks. When refrigerated, the shelf life is much longer. Most people drink the amount they make every day.



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