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Potassium and Ketogenic Diet

Why is potassium critical for ketogenic dieters?


The most commonly deficient mineral (not just on low-carb diets) is potassium. While adults are encouraged to consume 4,700 mg of potassium every day, EDR (Estimated Daily Minimum) for potassium is around 2,000 mg for healthy adults.  However, people on a ketogenic diet have special requirements on the top of this, which is around 1,000 mg more.

One of the critical functions of potassium is to help regulate the water and acid balance in our tissue cells. This is the case with our fat tissue cells as well.

When we consume ample amounts of potassium beyond EDR, we fuel the accelerated breakdown of stored fat in these fat tissue cells.

Management of electrolyte minerals (potassium, sodium) is key to avoiding side effects of low carb ketogenic diet during the induction phase. Most people go through the so-called “keto flu” which is a result of starving our body of carbohydrates.

Stay strong! We counteract these effects by replenishing our electrolytes in our nutritional re-balancing ketogenic 180 Food Plan and make use of food supplements (if needed).

How about sodium?

KETO sodium-potassium-scaleSodium has always been advised against, especially for those trying to lose weight. The truth is that our body needs extra sodium on a low-carb ketogenic diet.

Insulin has the effect of reducing the rate at which sodium is extracted through kidneys. Consequently, as our insulin level drops due to low-carb diet, sodium levels can drop significantly. Sodium is a crucial electrolyte in the body; it can become problematic (lightheadedness, fatigue, headaches and even constipation) when the kidneys dump too much of it.

Ketogenic dieters are recommended to consume 3,000-5,000 mg of additional sodium occurring naturally in food.

Unless you have any medical conditions that restrict your sodium intake, drink a cup of bouillon/stock/broth a day.



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