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The Pharmaceutical and Junk Food Industries

Why is the Pharmaceutical Industry in Bed with the Junk Food Industry?


I truly and wholeheartedly believe that junk foods are created to keep us all addicted and sick.

I researched who is on the board of some very popular junk food brands and I was SHOCKED how the so called “Health” industry is in bed with the “Junk” industry. Did you know that Jim Chambersthe CEO of Weight Watchers, is on the Board of Directors for Nabisco? I also find it astounding that James M. Kilts who was once the President and CEO of Nabisco (1998-2000) is on the Board of directors to Pfizer, you know, big pharma. Stephen W. Sanger who was the CEO to General Mills (1995-2008) is also on the Board of Pfizer. Paul Bulcke who is the current CEO of Nestle S.A. is on the Board of Big Pharmaceutical, Roche. Oh I could go on and on… Carlos E. Represas from Nestle is also on the Board of Merck another huge Big Pharmaceutical.

If pharmaceutical companies are “there for us” to “heal” us… Then why on earth are some of their executives on the board of fast food conglomerates like Yum, Inc. who owns Taco Bell, Wing Stop, Kentucky Fried Chicken? I was shocked to see Big Pharma’s, Merck right there, on the board of Yum. And guess who is on McDonald’s Board? Miles D. White the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Abbott, a global healthcare and pharmaceutical company. But McDonald’s is MCDOUBLY covered with yet another pharmaceutical company on their board with Lloyd H. Dean the President and Chief Executive Officer of Dignity Health, a leading healthcare organization.

So this got me thinking… Hmmm. They are all in bed with each other. One makes us sick and the other gives us a pill. They are all making money from our sickness. They keep us totally addicted by adding chemicals, sugar and trans fats to the mix, it keeps us coming back for more and more. We have more cancer in this country then anywhere in the world. We are a nation of addicts. Hooked on sugar and hooked on miracle pills.

GMOs are in the mix. My research also lead me to discover that the President of McDonald’s USA, Janice Fields is on the Board of GMO demon, Monsanto, aka Monsatan.

The 1% knows what they are doing. Keeping us 99ers on the health hamster wheel of sickness, obesity and disease.

It’s time to wake up and fight back. Heal yourself by switching to real food, nothing processed, no fast food, nothing from a can, box, or the freezer section. If you look at the health statistics of a 150 years ago, cancer was an absolute rarity. Since the industrial age, we’ve gotten sick. I can not believe how many women today have PCOS and Hypothyroidism let alone cancer. And chances are if you are here, reading this right now, you have one of these ailments.

We are healing together right? Let’s get cooking. Let’s get healthy. Let’s get balanced. Let’s keto.