Healing through education, nutrition and exercise instead of medication

Workshop Curriculum – Session 2: How We Became Ill

** Workshop title: Healing Chronic Illness Through Nutrition
** Workshop location(s): 4 Valley-wide Community Center locations
** Session title: Session 2 – How We Became Ill
** Session dates: See our calendar page for the session days and times for various Valley-wide locations.
** Session times:  5:45 pm OR 9:45 am (See our calendar page for the session days and times for various Valley-wide locations) 
** Remarks: This session is beneficial to anyone who wants to prevent OR combat chronic illness with God’s naturally nutritious foods, and which industrial foods to avoid to reverse chronic health complications.


 Session summary:

This session focuses on how the human body was meant to be nourished, how some industrially produced foods affect the body’s metabolic functions and lead to metabolic chronic illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, dementia, diabetes, obesity, hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, and PCOS.


Goal of the session:

After this session, the attendees will be able to evaluate their refrigerators and pantries and start eliminating items that contribute to prolonging their chronic health conditions.


  1. How are we designed to eat?
  2. Processed industrial foods vs natural foods
  3. Transfats
  4. HFCS – high fructose corn syrup
  5. Good fats vs bad fats
  6. Omega-3s vs Omega-6s
  7. Types of carbohydrates; Fiber vs starch carbs
  8. Sugar
  9. Micro-nutrients


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About the “Healing Chronic Illness Through Nutrition” workshop series



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