Healing through education, nutrition and exercise instead of medication

Workshop – Session 5 – Commitment to Healing

** Workshop title: Healing Chronic Illness Through Nutrition
** Workshop location: CERF Ranch
** Session title: Commitment to Healing
** Session #: 5 
** Session day: Fridays
** Session times:  10 a.m. (Morning session) and 6 p.m. (Evening session)
** Session dates: See the calendar at the bottom of this post for session dates
** Recommended pre-requisite to attend: Prior attendance in the workshop sessions 1, 2, and 3
Session topics:

MyKetoPal’s primary mission is to equip the participants of our workshops with the fundamentals of healing whole foods. We encourage each person to be an active participant in his/her own food selection, preparation and consumption, positive state of being and healing, and quality of life. We emphasize that true healing is not about the treatment of symptoms, but dealing with the underlying causes of all metabolic diseases.

This two part, hands on class will educate the attendees the “how-to’s of” eating and maintaining a ketogenic protocol of healing. We will demonstrate medical case studies of healing through the ketogenic protocol and showcase new findings in natural healing.

Optimum health is about the “whole” person, not simply about symptoms of a particular disease. We support the participants every step of the way to achieve optimum level of health, and make appropriate lifestyle choices in support of the healing process, to confidently excel physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Yes, optimum health has a spiritual dimension.

Ultimately, MyKetoPal seeks to ensure that these workshops contribute to good health outcomes for the participants. Spirituality is integral part of that effort. Our core intents are to:

  • provide a spiritual care environment -support community- in support of healing nutrition,
  • work collaboratively with experts, witnesses, caregivers and participants,
  • build and maintain a healthy community with a “hope, trust and faith” based worldview,
  • be a responsive, collaborative, supportive and reflective healing community,
  • be a respectful and compassionate presence for people at significant times of transition, and illness.

During this session, the participants will get a chance to join MyKetoPal’s SJV “HEALING CHRONIC ILLNESS THROUGH NUTRITION” Facebook support group which is created to …

  • help the participants of the workshop program to ease their way into healing focused ketogenic lifestyle,
  • have a tight support community where the participants motivate, encourage and inspire each other, share their day-to-day healing journey, challenges and success stories,
  • offer a communication platform between workshop participants, lecturers, and guest speakers to discuss topics addressed/covered in the workshop sessions,
  • enhance the participants’ understanding of and adaptation to healthy nutrition choices,
  • exchange personal experiences and progress, practical information, recipes, tips, ideas and resources on ketogenic lifestyle, and
  • make clean ketogenic lifestyle stick.
During this session, the participants will get a chance to learn about MyKetoPal’s near future programs such as a healing foods co-op.
Goal of the session:
At the end of this session, all the attendees will be equipped with the knowledge, tools and support by MyKetoPal Healing Community to take on their healing journey through ketogenic diet, light exercise and a well connected support community.
1. Our body is our temple.
2. Importance of exercise
3. Leaps of Faith – Taking action and totally committing to the plan of action
4. Strength through community
5. MyKetoPal Healing Community on Facebook
6. MyKetoPal Healing Foods Co-Op project


To read about the “Healing Chronic Illness Through Nutrition” workshop series, to view the curriculum of other sessions, to enroll, and reserve your spot, please visit  http://myketopal.com/workshop.

About the “Healing Chronic Illness Through Nutrition” workshop series

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