Healing through education, nutrition and exercise instead of medication

Workshop (Wednesdays) – Part 3 – How We Nourish Our Body for Healing

** Workshop title: Healing Chronic Illness Through Nutrition
** Workshop location: CERF Ranch
** Session title: Part 3 – How We Nourish Our Body for Healing
** Session dates: Every Wednesday through out mid-end October and all November
See the calendar below for the session dates.
** Session times:  10 a.m. (Fall program offers Morning sessions only) 
** Remarks: We recommend attending workshop sessions “Part 1,” and “Part 2prior to attending this “Part 3” session.


Session summary:

Natural foods – how these foods support the metabolic processes in our body and how certain foods have specific properties that aid healing. Once again we return to the body, from the brain to the gut and beyond, detailing how the God created foods that heal all parts of our body. We will address why we must first focus on healing the gut & brain. Detox week.

Goal of the session:

This session will educate the attendees on the culprits that contributed to their metabolic chronic illness, how to avoid fake foods and introduce healing foods to their diets.


1. Animal fats and nut oils
2. Seafood/meats
3. Omega 3s
4. Probiotics/Prebiotics
5. Healing vegetables
6. Nuts/bread alternatives
7. Herbs/roots
8. Supplements/Minerals/ Micronutrients
9. Fruits
10. Natural sweeteners



To read about the “Healing Chronic Illness Through Nutrition” workshop series, to view the curriculum of other parts, to enroll, and reserve your spot, please visit  http://myketopal.com/workshop.

About the “Healing Chronic Illness Through Nutrition” workshop series


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